The Truth

My topic is about whether or not GMOs are safe to eat.

My research this semester has not changed my stance by much (being that GMOs are safe to eat). Though my stance has now gotten slightly more complex, it is still basically the same. I have come to find that there have been many, many studies done on GM foods regarding human health, and have found no evidence that suggests that GM foods pose a threat. I am a believer in science and facts, and I encourage the use of the scientific method and embrace scientific theories. That being said, I also believe in falsifiability. If the theory is “GMOs are safe to eat”, I want to find any piece of real evidence that proves that wrong; not try to verify what I already think is true, because that doesn’t help find the truth at all. The fact that I’ve found absolutely nothing that falsifies my theory can only lead me to believe that GMOs are safe to eat. If in the future, there is a real study that actually proves this theory wrong, then I am absolutely ready to change this stance. But as of now, I stick with my position in this topic.


The common alternative facts regarding my topic are:

  1. GMOs cause health problems such as liver failure, kidney failure, reproductive failure, cancer, etc.
  2. GMOs are hazardous to the environment.
  3. There are pesticides in GM foods that are slowly poisoning people.
  4. GMO DNA will transfer to your bloodstream.
  5. The United States needs to label what is genetically modified and what isn’t, if not, then the government is trying to hide something.
  6. Organic foods are healthier than GM Foods.


My research definitely helped me respond to all of these.

I did not intend on directing my site to any audience in particular simply because going in to this topic, I didn’t know much about it myself and was willing to change my stance if my research persuaded me to do so. If I had to say there was an audience, it would be directed towards anyone who is concerned with the safety of GM foods. Anybody can browse my site without feeling pressured to possess any background knowledge of the topic or feel attacked by anything I’ve said. I wanted to make a site that everybody could read, whether the person was a farmer, scientist, 8th grader, or a scientist in 8th grade who loves farming.


I’ve learned that not everyone knows the truth, especially when it comes to genetically modified foods. Many alternative facts such as the ones listed above are perpetuated throughout traditional media such as TV, radio, etc., and social media where anyone can put up and spread fake news like YouTube and Facebook. Perhaps scientists and academic institutes who report real findings on GMOs are just not as good as reaching out to the people than regular people that everyone can relate to who base most of their beliefs off of experience. The truth is that GMOs aren’t anywhere near the big bad foods that people make them out to be, and not enough people know about it.


I have learned that no matter what, at the end of the day, people choose to believe what they want to believe in whether it is the truth or not. For humans, what they perceive to be real is what their reality becomes. If someone really and truly thinks that an apple is an orange, then no amount of evidence is going to sway their position.