Consumer Awareness

Naik, Anil, et al. “Consumer Awareness, Attitude Towards Exercising Their Rights: Genetically Modified Foods.” Aweshkar Research Journal 19.1 (2015): 109-116. Galileo at Georgia State University. Web. 25 June 2017.


This publication comes from a research journal.

Its purpose is to focus on awareness of consumers of food they purchase, attitude towards exercising rights, willingness to pay premium for G.M Foods and whether they exercised their rights or not.


Thesis: Consumers have a right to choose whether or not to buy food produced from a genetically modified organism. A consumer must be aware of their rights as consumers as well as having awareness regarding GM foods and risks and benefits of genetic engineering. A few studies were conducted to understand the level of consumer awareness of GM foods and to understand the respondents perception towards exercising their rights as consumers.


This argument is supported through scientific research and studies done on citizens in India where 7.3 million GM crops are accounted for and there is a mandatory but very loose food labelling system. There are many graphs that show percentages regarding the participants’ awareness of GM foods after completing a survey such as this one:


The overall results concluded that citizens in India have relatively low awareness of GM foods as well as their rights as consumers. Only 8% of consumers with GMF awareness exercised their rights by asking for the bill, checking the expiry date, demanding an exchange of goods sold past expiry date, and reading the contents.


This connects to my research probe by showing that the public, to an extent, does have a lack of awareness regarding GM foods and the safety of them. In order to have a better regulatory system and to avoid governments and corporations taking advantage of the profits of GMOs, the people have to become educated about the risks and benefits of GM foods, and push for a better regulatory system.

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