Alex Jones GMO Meltdown

The video above is a far-right radio host named Alex Jones who seems to have very strong opinions about Monsanto and GMOs. He is extremely against GMOs and the people who encourage the consumption of them enough to say that they are “contributing to the downfall of society.”

His actual rant doesn’t start until 1:37 when he talks about an article published in The Guardian. Jones states that “Every study on the GMO crops that grow pesticides in them, is that it kills the bugs that eat it, and causes liver problems in humans, and all sorts of reproductive problems and cancer.”

I would like to rephrase that sentence and say, “Every study on GMO crops that reveal any reproductive or organ failure has been done by the same person over and over again.” This person I am referring to is scientist Gilles-Eric Seralini, who is known to have a major bias and has been campaigning against GMOs since the late 90s. I have already gone into detail about him and one of his experiments in one of the posts in my Etymology tab. Needless to say, many anti-GMO organizations such as GMO News, Institute for Responsible Technology, Environmental Health News, and Alex Jones cling onto Seralini’s studies as proof that GMOs are very dangerous to human health. From my perspective it is just not a coincidence that a person who has been against GMOs before there was much research on them conducts his own studies that always seem to end up proving GMOs as dangerous, when there has been no other scientific research from anyone else that proves the same thing.

Alex Jones goes on to say that “Cancer rates in England are 3000% what they were in the 50s” and that “England and the U.S. lead the world in cancer.” I’m going to assume that the 3000% he speaks of is just an exaggeration to say that cancer rates have been increasing. I do agree that cancer rates have been increasing (with the exception of lung cancer due to less people smoking in recent years), maybe not by 3000%, but there has been a definite rise. However, this rise in cancer incidence has nothing to do with GMOs. According to Cancer Research UK, the main reason why cancer statistics are growing is because people are living longer. The longer you live, the more time your genetic code has to make errors. Not only that, cancer is on the rise due to change in lifestyle (obesity, sunbathing, less breastfeeding, etc).

As for his statement about England and the U.S. leading the world in cancer, that is also false. According to World Cancer Research Fund International, the report showing the top countries with cancer incidence reveals the U.S. to be #6 with England following far behind at #23. The leading countries are actually Denmark and France.

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